Scaling up seafood, from cell to fillet

Reel Foods is developing a breakthrough structuring platform to create whole-cut, cultivated fish at scale and under budget.

Reel’s species-agnostic platform produces fillets identical to wild-caught or farm-raised fish without plant-based scaffolding or processed additives. Even better, our cell growth is efficient and cost-effective, meaning more fish with less capital.

Making it better
than the real thing.

Consumers want clean, sustainable seafood they can feel good about eating.
We’re serving up healthier, more eco-friendly fish with a proprietary process that’s primed to scale.

All meat, full stop.

We use a cell-based approach, which drives the authentic taste and texture of our fish. This can’t be matched by competitors relying on plant-based or hybrid structuring.

Cost-effective production.

We’re able to scalably grow and maximize volume from every cell, so we can deliver premium, whole cuts of fish with lower overall manufacturing costs.

Designed to scale.

Legacy pharma production needed modernizing. Our fit-for-purpose process has been intentionally designed to match the efficiency needs of cultivated meat with room for growth.

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