Research Associate


South San Francisco, CA

Full-Time / Part Time


$60-85k (Full-time)

About Reel

Reel’s novel biomanufacturing strategies enable the development of natural, flaky, cultivated fish fillets indistinguishable from wild caught fish. Our species agnostic, cross-cutting platform enables whole-cut, textured products without additives or plant-based scaffolding, such that the taste and texture is driven from the cells themselves.

We have a dynamic, multidisciplinary team that shares the same vision: to offer consumers a true replacement, not an alternative protein. Reel is supported by leading investors across biotechnology, food and agriculture and ocean sustainability.

About This Job

This is a laboratory-based position centered around developing and executing cell-based assays, both independently and with guidance from the scientific founders.  You will have further growth opportunities to drive initiatives in cell line development, media optimization and cell proliferation and differentiation. We are looking for a mission driven, scrappy, proactive individual that thrives in an early start-up environment.

Base Responsibilities Include:

  • Executing 2D and 3D cell culture experiments and analysis
  • Differentiate muscle cells and characterize efficiency via immunofluorescent staining, transcriptomics, and genome sequencing
  • Cell culture maintenance (weekend culture as needed)
  • Troubleshooting unexpected results and designing follow up experiments
  • Proficient and organized data entry and experimental documentation, with findings communicated to the larger group

Additional Opportunities To:

  • Replicate existing protocols and develop novel seafood cell lines
  • Optimize media composition for specific cell lines and adapt to serum free conditions
  • Evaluation of extracellular matrix compositions on cellular proliferation and differentiation efficiency

About You

  • BS, AS or experience in cell biology, bioengineering or related science
  • Experience with 2D mammalian cell culturing techniques
  • Experience designing and executing molecular biology assays such as immunofluorescent staining, qPCR, fluorescent microscopy, and image analysis
  • Knowledge or prior experiences in any of the fields is a plus: some text
    • Experience with 3D tissue culture
    • Knowledge of biological polymers and biomaterial principles
  • Self-starter, willing to take initiative and ownership on key tasks
  • Able to learn quickly and excel in fast-paced, dynamic environments
  • Fosters a collaborative environment with team members

Who You’ll Work With

You will work directly with the founders to execute key cell culture experiments.  We encourage outside-the-box thinking, creative experimental design and a collaborative work atmosphere.

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